Posted by: sivaafi | September 12, 2012

PWID Drive at Fry’s


I know some of you have had concerns about conducting your PWID drive at the Fry’s locations. I spoke to the corporate offices today and they will send me a permission letter later today.  They will also send it to the individual stores.  However, be assured that we DO have permission to conduct our drive on Oct 5, 6, 7 at any Fry’s store in Arizona. Please do not call the corporate offices about this.

Once I have the letter, I will have it sent out and posted on the web site.  At that time, you should visit the Fry’s store you want to use and let the manager know you will be there.

Fry’s wants me to keep track of which stores we will be using, so if you are planning to use a Fry’s location, please tell me your council number and the store number.  Call the store and find out the number if you do not know.  I do not have a store directory so I cannot do this using a store address. I will also be able to assure that two councils don’t think they have the same store.

Again, if you plan to use a Fry’s store, please notify me (email preferred) with your council number and store number(s).

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Pete Karculias

PWID Director



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