Posted by: sivaafi | December 19, 2012

K of C Charity Raffle Information

Here are the sales guide and posters for the 2013 Arizona State Knights of Columbus Charity Raffle.



  1. Since there is nothing indicated in any of the material about the trip prizes being for one or two persons, I assume that the prizes are for one person only. Is that correct? Thanks.

  2. Rod: Right under the date is a sentence that states" All trips include airfare. . . . . for two".

  3. Would one of you kind men like to sell me some tickets? If so, E-mail me please.

  4. I would like to buy 65 more tickets (13 books). Our parish of St. Benedicts says they are out.

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  6. Thanks for contacting me Richard. But our parish actually had the tickets after all. I just wasn’t looking in the right place. I’m all set now.

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